First Tech Challenge - Team  Pleiades

We are a team of 7 girls with 2 coaches. One of our teammates is virtual. 

We are competing in the 2021-2022 FTC season.


Outreach Activities

Team Pleiades will be doing a lot of outreach activities

Sequoya Library

We did an outreach at Sequoya Library on October 15, 2021. There we talked about robots and first programs, as well as a demo of our robot

Volunteer work with FLL teams

Creating arms and jigs to support our design

Having Fun

We have fun while doing active learning and working in areas that interest us.

More Women in STEM = More Inspiration for younger women and girls

Our goal is to inspire more girls and women to get interested in STEM and STEM-related activities so that there are more diverse teams in the upper levels of First

Follow us @PleiadesRobotics

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